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Trends that Matter in Specialty Pharmacy

Posted by Matt Breese on Mar 9, 2016

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A collection of engaging infographics from healthcare influencers that reveals trends in specialty pharmacies and specialty drug distribution.

Specialty pharmacies expect to save payers and consumers around $250 billion over the next decade. Via APAN (Affordable Pharmacy Action Network)



The need for efficient specialty pharmacy networks is incredible. A review of the top 10 treatments seen in workers' compensation shows the areas of focus. Via Healthesystems



Specialty pharmacies provide highly specialized support for complex conditions. Payment support, targeted treatment plans and around-the-clock clinical guidance for patients are just a few of the benefits. Via Axium Healthcare



Hemophilia, IVIG, Oncology, Auto-Immune and MS account for more than half of the overall U.S. specialty drug spend. Stakeholders focus on creating effective specialty pharmacy ecosystems that target these therapeutic categories. Via CVS Caremark


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