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Trends that Matter in Physician Challenges

Posted by Matt Breese on Mar 23, 2016

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A collection of engaging infographics from healthcare influencers that reveals some of the biggest challenges facing physicians today.

Physician stress continues to increase with new variables that complicate basic daily activities. Healthcare reform, paperwork and work/life balance are some of the leading causes of physician burnout, according to Vital Worklife



An evolving payer landscape also creates more variables for the modern provider. This drives roughly one-quarter of physicians to be willing to drop insurers that don't pay well. Via Health Directions from PiktoChart



EHRs apparently also provide another stress point for physicians. 53% of doctors are concerned that their EHR could be more of a distraction than of value for their patients. From MedCity News



Many providers question the ultimate value of Meaningful Use with the majority citing that it does not increase productivity or help them differentiate their practice. Via Healthcare IT Leaders from Deloitte



Physicians are victims of an information overflow. It's time to understand what type of content they are actually interested in... specialty-specific/clinical content takes the top spot for most. Via MedData Group


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