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Trends that Matter for Mobile Healthcare Apps

Posted by Matt Breese on Aug 4, 2016

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A collection of engaging infographics from healthcare influencers that reveals trends in the evolution of healthcare applications for iOS and Android devices.

The mobile healthcare app industry is rapidly expanding. AHW estimates that the global market will expand to well over $10 billion by 2018, which is 10x larger than the market was in 2011.



The 10,000+ medical/healthcare apps available in iTunes represent the 3rd fastest growing app category. With around 80% of U.S. consumers interested in mobile health solutions and doctors as one of the most prominent users of tablets/smartphones, there is a signficant opportunity to unite the healthcare network via mobile apps. Via Float.



While mobile apps provide significant opportunity to healthcare organizations, many developers get stuck on some major challenges, including: conflicting priorities/single focus of the app, availability of unique knowledge, regulations around mobile apps and cost effectiveness. From X-cube


Industry players explore several different applications for mobile apps. For instance, over 40% of payers actively encourage patients to let their providers monitor their health through mobile health applications. See more stats around mobile app acceptance via MedCity News.


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