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Trends that Matter for Influencer Marketing in Healthcare

Posted by Matt Breese on Sep 26, 2016

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A collection of infographics that highlight some key trends in influencer marketing and it's role in healthcare.

Influencer marketing is all about social networks - if you can influence one person who influences thousands, you can potentially influence thousands, at scale, via one action. An analysis of the biotech and biopharma social landscape reveals the top 30 influencers, from NEMUS Biosciences via MedCityNews.



Friendly recommendations from known members in a person's social network are the most effective means of influencing a purchase, according to Mullin Ashley. Harnessing the power of "friends" to amplify your brand message is a critical component of influencer marketing.



How are brands finding and utilizing influencers? According to flying point digital, 84% of brands surveyed say they find influencers manually, instead of through more automated identification tools and 69% say they most often use influencer marketing when launching new products.



Social media connections drive many brands to use influencer marketing. 84% of B2B executives source social channels to make purchase decisions and 72% of buyers use social media to research potential solutions, according to data from MarketingProfs.



Influencer marketing sounds great but there are some clear challenges that brand marketers face. Identifying the right influencers is the biggest challenge, followed by finding the right engagement tactics and measuring campaign performance. From CXM.


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