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Trends That Matter for Supply Chain Innovation

Posted by Matt Breese on Jul 6, 2017

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In our weekly Trends that Matter series, we provide engaging infographics and recent news from healthcare influencers to highlight general trends affecting the pharmaceutical industry. This week's featured topic is innovation in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

In recent years, the pharma industry has become more customer-centric. In order to improve customer experience, it is essential for supply chain executives to listen to feedback from the end users of their products. For example, according to the Pharmaceutical Executive:

"A recent conversation with an infusion nurse uncovered that the packaging for an IV product was stiff and hard to handle, and that nurses were getting paper-cuts. The supply chain team collaborated with marketing and key customers to change the packaging to recycled paperboard and to improve ease of opening for nurses—a simple, low-cost modification that made the product more customer-oriented and eco-friendly."

View the graphic below, created by the Pharmaceutical Executivelearn more about how pharma leaders can improve customer experience and bring greater value to their organizations.

The pharmaceutical supply chain.png

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