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Trends That Matter for Pharma Manufacturing

Posted by Matt Breese on Nov 2, 2017

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Cutting-edge manufacturers know the importance of embracing new technologies. Pharma manufacturers are beginning to invest more in robotics and analytics to improve the efficiency at their plants. 

Specifically, Sanofi, pharma company headquartered in France, is making substantial investments in the area of collaborative robotics. Sanofi's biologics plant in Geel, Belgium uses digital tools to reduce opportunities for errors in the manufacturing process.  

According to Fierce Pharma's report:

"[Sanofi] says it has installed sensors that measure more than 5,000 parameters along the production process and generate over 1 billion data points in every single manufacturing cycle. Those can be analyzed to quickly spot and correct issues to keep yields high and to allow for predictive maintenance on equipment."

With automation taking care of more routine tasks, operations employees are spending more energy on analytics and computer modeling. As this shift occurs, pharma leaders have the opportunity to streamline their business processes and think creatively about facility design. 

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