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Trends That Matter for Narcotic Pain Treatment

Posted by Matt Breese on Oct 26, 2017

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The FDA's Opioids Action Plan was recently developed with the goals of reducing incidents of opioid abuse in the United States, while still ensuring patients with chronic pain have access to the treatments they need. 

By understanding the impact of these drugs in the real-world, the FDA is making changes that will make them harder to abuse. With these new guidelines, pharmaceutical manufacturers in the narcotic pain treatment space are prioritizing opioid products with abuse-deterrent properties.

According to the FDA's statement on opioid medications, the agency is firmly committed to: 

  • Reassessing the process for opioid drug product approvals
  • Seeking expert input from Advisory Boards 
  • Reviewing label and postmarket requirements
  • Prioritizing abuse-deterrent formulations 
  • Supporting further research on pain management in children
  • Researching non-opioid alternatives for pain management

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