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Trends That Matter for Customer Centricity in Pharma

Posted by Matt Breese on Sep 28, 2017

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In our weekly Trends that Matter series, we provide infographics, articles and recent news from healthcare influencers to highlight general trends affecting the pharmaceutical industry. This week's featured topic is how the pharma industry can shift away from brand centricity and adopt a more customer-centric approach.

The pharmaceutical industry has been significantly slower to adopt a customer-centric approach than other industries. In the case of pharma, HCPs are considered one group of "customers." According to Kevin Troyanos' recent piece in Pharma Exec MagazineHCPs today expect more personalized messaging and less generic sales tactics. 

Here are a few ways pharma companies can become more customer-centric and improve their interactions with HCPs:

  • Identify gatekeepers and deliver the appropriate messages to them
  • Place HCP preferences at the center of the communication strategy
  • Target clinicians with personalized portfolio orientations
  • Facilitate data-driven HCP interactions

To learn more about this topic, read MMIT's Perspectives on the Role of HCP Office Staff.

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