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Trends That Matter for Acne Treatment

Posted by Matt Breese on Nov 9, 2017

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The global acne treatment market is growing, and experts predict it will continue to grow through 2021. According to a report published by CISION, this growth can be attributed to several factors including rising disposable income, unhealthy eating habits, and increasing awareness about acne treatment options. 

However, CISION also outlined some challenges in the market including, "The entry of generic drugs, safety issue regarding products and increasing acceptance of anti-acne treatments that hinder the growth of the market."

In addition, a global study on acne treatment conducted by Persistence Market Research revealed several key trends:

  • The average age where an individual first experiences acne has decreased from 14-15 years in recent years to 11-12 years
  • The global acne treatment market is expected to reach $7.35B by the year 2025
  • In the global acne treatment market, the inflammatory acne segment produced the most revenue in 2017 ($3.08B)
  • Common acne treatments include topical applications and laser treatments

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