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Trends that Matter for Big Pharma Executives

Posted by Matt Breese on Apr 20, 2016

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A collection of engaging infographics from healthcare influencers that reveals trends for "big pharma" manufacturer executives and their areas of focus:

Big pharma executives are extremely well-connected as compared to their peers within other large industries and companies. Their networks are 30% larger than other executives and often more diverse, spanning multiple healthcare verticals and external relationships. Via The Street from BoardEx



Patient engagement is a massive area of focus for both pharmaceutical executives and the healthcare C-level in general. A recent survey reveals that 87% of executives rank patient engagement as their highest priority. According to Transcend Insights.



While the industry evolves at a rapid pace and resources shift frequently, big pharma employs an incredible amount of people around the world. Executives invest heavily in recruiting and programs to ensure that talent is placed in the optimal positions. Via IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations).



Increasing public scrutiny demands a higher degree of attention from pharmaceutical executives. With healthcare dollars tracking to exceed 18% of U.S. GDP in the year, manufacturers are finding innovative ways to optimize their operational infrastructure and ability to deliver cost-effective treatments. See more on pharma strategies to address cost pressures via Deloitte.


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