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Trends that Matter in Accountable Care

Posted by Matt Breese on Mar 16, 2016

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A collection of engaging infographics from healthcare influencers that reveals trends in accountable care organizations and implications for the healthcare network.

Accountable Care Organizations face a variety of challenges in the market. 30% of healthcare professionals believe that an appropriate data and analytics infrastructure represents the biggest challenge for ACO creation. Via Healthcare Intelligence Network



Out of the roughly 250 ACOs that exist, around half are physician-led and serve less than 10,000 beneficiaries. Additionally, Medicare savings could be close to $1 billion over 4 years with the appropriate ACO set-up. Via Policy Prescriptions



While ACOs are very capable of things like sending prescription data electronically and promoting generic utilization, many struggle with calculating medication cost offsets and notifying providers when prescriptions are filled. Via National Pharmaceutical Council



Nearly 3 dozen quality measures are in place for ACOs, which are broken into Patient Experience, At-Risk Population, Care Coordination and Preventive Health. Via Health IT Outcomes



An ACO's success is directly related to its ability to reduce costs in areas like Medicare. They absorb both the risk of paying the government for being over budget and the upside of distributions in the case that they meet patient population savings goals. Via HIT Consultant


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