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Top Market Access, Policy and Restriction Posts from 2017

Posted by Matt Breese on Aug 15, 2017

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At MMIT, market access, policies and restrictions is all we do. However, we know that's probably not the case for you. That's why we've compiled a list of the top posts from 2017 (so far) and wanted to show our appreciation by displaying the direct links to a couple of our Reality Checks.

1. Market Access is Getting HarderWith 65% of lives NDC blocked at launch and aggressive PA, step edit and medical benefit policies applied by payers, HCPs are frustrated by market access complexities that delay patient therapy. amcp-analytics-source.png


2. Reality Check on Multiple Sclerosis: With the exception of a couple of brands covered under medical benefit, most brands process exclusively through pharmacy benefit, but convoluted coverage and restrictions complicate market access in Multiple Sclerosis. The prevalence of prior authorizations and step therapies in the space drives competition across all channels and geographies.mmit-reality-check-ms-2q2017-med.png

3. White Paper on How Market Access Strategies Impact a Product Launch: A comparison of two clinically similar launch brands commercialized by the same manufacturer, with very different outcomes.

white paper-product-launch.png


4. Perspectives on The Velocity of Payer Access Shifts: Changes in market access occur at a variety of paces, depending on the disease area and other downstream drivers. Market events such as a new drug launch or a drug going off patent are good indicators that a wave of changes will arrive soon. Brand teams need to understand how often to monitor market access changes. This rate will vary depending on their class and their top priority payers and PBMs. 


5. Reality Check on Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Payer Insights: Increasing percentage of restricted lives for commercial and health exchange formularies
  • Class Trends: The call for increased prescriber education in evidence-based treatment plans
  • Key Findings: How policy standardization continues to dominate diabetes formulary coveragemmit-reality-check-diabetes-q3.png


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