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Trends that Matter in Specialty Pharma

Posted by Matt Breese on Sep 18, 2015

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836 – A recent report from PhRMA shows that there are currently over 800 treatments for cancer in the pipeline. Classes like Lung Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Breast Cancer and Multiple Myeloma represent the highest concentration of late phase medicines. Via Drug Store News

340 – The HRSA release of its “Omnibus Guidance for the 340B Drug Pricing Program” has pharma stirring over the administration’s proposed oversight of specialty channel strategy. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are concerned with competitive strategies made publicly available and the potential for launch programs to be compromised with the added regulation. Via Drug Channels

85 – The ICER and other pharma-watchers propose that PCSK9 treatments should cost up to 85% less than their current pricing. With an estimated 15 million patients eligible for PCKS9 therapy, payers are concerned that costs are too significant for an average consumer to afford. Via Fierce Pharma

2 – As result of the recent draft guidance proposed by the FDA, 2 perspectives on biosimilar naming are highlighted. With the required use of unique, non-proprietary names for all biosimilar products, the potentially confusing naming could be detrimental to provider adoption. Via FDB Health Blog

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