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MMIT Reality Check on Diabetes

Posted by Lindsay Haggerty on Oct 29, 2015

Touching a network across healthcare in pharma, payer and provider, MMIT's team of experts takes a closer look at diabetes treatments in our most recent Reality Check. The following highlights some of our key takeaways from the piece.

Payer Coverage: The diabetes market basket includes injectable insulins and oral medications. Market access reveals that insulins are considered preferred treatments for roughly 60% of pharmacy lives while oral treatments generally contend with more restrictions.

Source: MMIT data as of Q4 2015

Trends: Recent diabetes news reveals some key trends within the market basket. New research continues to provide valuable insight into the understanding of the disease, along with related conditions. A study from the FASEB Journal reveals advancements in this understanding of how high blood sugar promotes cancer growth, according to Specialty Pharmacy Times. Diabetes also leads other therapeutic classes in regards to strategic partnerships with tech firms. Sanofi and Google announce their partnership in analyzing medication regimens and patient utilization to reduce barriers to quality care.

Key Findings: MMIT's pharmacists reveal several key findings when taking a closer look at the data for diabetes. Novel treatments align focus to the delay of diabetes disease progression in addition to lowering blood glucose levels. Biopharmaceutical companies have 180 new medicines for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, along with related conditions, in their development pipelines. Payers require a substantial portion of treatments to step through metformin, sulfonylurea and established branded products. Combined with the decisive exclusion lists from massive PBMs, like CVS and Express Scripts, this hurdle creates segmentation for preferred alternatives. As a result, manufacturers find success in focusing more resources on payer contracting, overall understanding of market access and utilization management across geographies.

In the full Reality Check on diabetes below, MMIT's team of experts takes a deeper look into the clinical characteristics, drug market access and payer coverage to summarize key findings within type 2 diabetes.

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