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MMIT Reality Check on Detoxification Agents (Oct 2016)

Posted by Matt Breese on Oct 28, 2016

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According to our recent payer coverage analysis for detoxification agents, combined with news from key healthcare influencers, market access is shifting in this drug landscape.

To help make sense of this new research, MMIT's team of experts analyzes the data and summarizes the key findings for you. The following are brief highlights. To read the full piece, including payer coverage, drug competition and prescriber trends, click here.

Payer Coverage: A look at market access over the past two quarters shows that restricted lives in the medicare channel decreased. Payer formularies require a prior authorization to be completed for around three-quarters of covered lives.


Source: MMIT data as of Q4 2016

Trends:  A recent article shows signs of prescriber push back when it comes to the "quantity limits" placed on the number of detox patients a single physician can have at any one time. Additionally, the focus on finding a solution to the ongoing c epidemic in the U.S. is top of mind for many providers.

In the full Reality Check on detoxification agents below, MMIT's team of experts takes a deeper look into the clinical characteristics, drug market access and payer coverage to summarize key findings within the class.

To read the full Reality Check on detox agents with key findings on clinical characteristics, detoxification agent drug market access and payer coverage, please click on the button below: 


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