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Perspectives on the Role of Market Access in Drug Launches

Posted by Matt Breese on May 16, 2017

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Months before the first scripts are written, and long before revenue actuals are compared to sales forecasts, a launch brand’s market access future has largely been determined. Despite challenges, pharma teams need to begin employing market access strategies earlier in the drug development process.

It is important to consider market forecasting during pre-launch stages. Specifically, twenty-four months before commercial launch, pharma teams need to model evidence requirements that payers may use to determine their market access.

In the drug development timeline below, MMIT highlights the process of market forecasting during pre-launch stages:

Drug Development Timeline-1.png

Launch Marketing Strategies for Achieving Optimal Market Access

To reduce the risk of a failed product launch, pharmaceutical executives must develop agile drug launch marketing strategies. According to McKinsey & Company:

“About two-thirds of drug launches don’t meet expectations. Improving that record requires pharmaceutical companies to recognize the world has changed and adjust their marketing accordingly.”

Here are five methods, developed by MMIT, for achieving optimal market access in drug launches:

  1. Understand payer/ PBM groups who have significant market access influence
  2. Use historical analysis of relevant analogues to guide forecasting models
  3. Get the new-to-market policies for every payer and PBM
  4. Gather patient assistance program data
  5. Have a reliable dataset for market uptake forecasting

Are you a brand manager striving to reach your market access goals? To learn more best practices for each phase of launch planning, download MMIT’s Playbooks

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