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Perspectives on Social Media in Pharma

Posted by Matt Breese on Jan 18, 2017

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All pharma companies need to be online in some capacity in order to reach their target audiences. Non-personal promotion methods, such as social media marketing, are essential pieces of a successful pharmaceutical sales strategy. 

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Many pharma marketers use social media to share high-quality, educational information with the public and prescribers. According to a Forbes interview with Dr. Kevin Campbell MD, FACC, “Pharmaceutical and device firms can use social media to educate, market, listen to and connect with customers, patients, and physicians, all while complying with industry regulations.”

Specifically, successful pharma companies can use social media to:

  • Connect with prescribers, patients and payers
  • Monitor mentions of their product for public relations purposes
  • Engage with major patient and prescriber groups relevant to their disease area
  • Promote the benefits of their products or services
  • Connect with clinicians and medical thought-leaders
  • Find subjects for clinical trials
  • Advertise their market access positions
  • Share relevant healthcare industry news

Pharma companies use Twitter to share their research with health leaders. Clinicians like Dr. Frank Tarazi, regularly use Twitter to share healthcare industry news. This platform creates the opportunity for thoughtful discussion.

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Digital Brand Mentions

MMIT believes the more effective promotional channels that pharma companies use to target their key audiences, the better. In our Social Signal series, we enable pharma brands to see at a glance how they rank versus competitors by ranking prescriber and payer mentions of specific brands across major disease areas.

MMIT-social-signals-antipsychotics-Aug2016-v3.pngTo learn more about pharma on social, download our Social Signals on Antipsychotics from last quarter.

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