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Perspectives on Prescriber Personas

Posted by Matt Breese on May 23, 2017

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Brand teams need to intimately understand who their prescribers are in order to reach the end goal of having prescribers write a script for their brand. Knowing the background and demographics of specific prescribers is critical for brand marketers to craft and deliver the right message at the right time.

Field teams need to be able to determine the physician “type” to create the optimal communication strategy. In addition, marketing teams need to be able to make sense out of these categories to optimize script opportunities.

Improving the Clinician Experience 

The prescriber persona mapping exercise often reflects a conventional persona identification process. However, pharma companies tend to be further behind other sectors when it comes to customer experience. To improve the clinician experience, pharma can consider some key characteristics such as the clinicians age, script writing history, and their primary patient population. This information can indicate whether they prefer to interact with pharma reps face-to-face or online and which health plans are the most relevant to them. Then, pharma teams can select the most appropriate communication channels and messaging.

This process is a useful exercise that helps brand teams predict prescriber preferences. According to Hicham Naim, Head of Business Model Innovation and Strategic Projects at Takeda:

“Personas and customer journey maps are important strategic enablers that help provide an in-depth understanding of who our customers are, what they need, and how they interact with our company across all touchpoints. They allow targeted actions to better deliver against customer expectations.”

Strategies for Prescriber Persona Mapping

Specifically, pharma teams can use the following strategies to improve their relationships with prescribers:

  • Determine clinician’s behavioral tendencies and categorize accordingly
  • Understand trusted sources for each physician to promote consistency
  • Monitor prescribing trends and perspectives on your brand
  • Avoid treating all physicians in the same way. Instead, use targeted messaging

For example, here’s one strategy, developed by MMIT, for mapping out prescriber personas:

Mapping out Prescriber Personas.png

To learn more about this topic, download MMIT’s Playbook: Mapping Prescriber Personas.

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