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Perspectives on Pre-Call Planning and eDetailing in Pharma Sales

Posted by Matt Breese on Mar 1, 2017

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Today, pharma reps are combining pre-call planning and eDetailing strategies to promote products to healthcare professionals (HCPs) through digital channels. In order to optimize each of these activities, pharma reps must analyze their environment, formulate a marketing strategy, choose communication platforms and implement their engagement plan.  

Pre-call Planning Trends

It is more important than ever for reps to research the environment thoroughly before meeting with HCPs. According to Skura, pre-call planning is becoming more adaptive. Reps must gather information from a wider range of sources, and jump back and forth between them, to see the full picture. These sources include pharma CRM systems, marketing automation tools, emails, prescribing patterns, the latest research, new product information, and healthcare industry news.

Best Practices for Pre-call Planning

When conducting research, reps must consider the best way to communicate their message and the brand value. Pre-call planning enables targeted communications to optimize script opportunities.

In the pre-call planning process, pharma reps should avoid waiting until the last-minute to prepare with the field team. In addition, reps should never deploy internal-use only messaging or tools in front of the HCP. Brand messaging should be simplified to address the clinician's individual needs.

Here’s a strategy, developed by MMIT, for improving the pre-call planning process:

Pre-call Planning Strategy.png

Best Practices for Physician Detailing

Pre-call planning can help streamline the detailing process. Detailing to the physician is one of the most expensive promotional activities for pharma brands. Reps must understand the specific physician guidelines for pharma visits at each facility. This preparation can make or break reliable script sources.

When engaging in detailing activities, pharma reps should avoid using complicated detailing procedures and messaging. This mistake may cause the session to run out of time. In addition, reps should always write reports after meeting with HCPs. Failing to do so may lead to repeating the same mistakes.

Below is a strategy, created by MMIT, which reps can follow to improve physician detailing:

Physician Detailing Strategy.png

Promotional Support for Pharma

Pre-call planning and detailing are both activities that MMIT supports with promotional solutions covering market access. MMIT provides pharma teams with real-time data so they can prepare and engage with HCPs using data that is familiar to both parties, cutting down on the time it takes pharma sales reps to prepare for HCP visits.

To learn more strategies for improving pre-call planning and physician detailing, download MMIT’s Playbooks.

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