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Perspectives on Pharma Sales Planning

Posted by Matt Breese on Oct 3, 2017

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Market changes and technological advancements are changing the structure of the pharmaceutical sales force. More and more clinicians are turning to digital channels for treatment awareness and education around current options for specific disease areas to improve patient outcomes.

By adopting eDetailing strategies, pharma reps can better connect with healthcare professionals online. 

Furthermore, pharma companies today have the opportunity to redefine and reinvent their sales structure. According to Accenture:

"The most successful pharmaceutical sales teams in the future will be those willing to define and service customers in new ways. They will understand the needs of their increasingly diverse customer base. And they will use digital advances to change the conversation and position themselves as team members committed to helping physicians improve health outcomes."

Here are some strategies pharma organizations can follow to build a strong sales force:

  • Communicate with a broader network of buyers and influencers
  • Help your existing sales reps develop new skills
  • Hire talented individuals with B2B sales experience
  • Align your in-person sales messages with digital communications
  • Develop new branding, assets and digital tools 
  • Prioritize data consistency and accuracy

To learn more about pharma sales in the digital age, download MMIT’s Playbook: Consistent eDetailing Promotion.

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