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Perspectives on Triggered Messages

Posted by Matt Breese on Feb 6, 2018

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Data is nothing new to pharmaceutical marketers, who have become accustomed to using data to generate triggered messages, a near-real-time reaction to certain events or decisions, to their providers.
The next step is to go beyond simple messaging and personally tailor the message across varied platforms by using analytics and predictive tools, says Jose Ferreira, vice president of customer experience and data management at CMI/Compas. 
He adds that the health care industry is likely to see more developments in triggered and tailored message in 2018: 

"Triggered messaging generally has meant a direct message from a pharma company where any entity can be managed through multiple means. But when we’re thinking about how to message through intermediaries like a media-owned TV ad or journal print ad, that becomes harder to manage and orchestrate. That’s where we are now — building that [capability] out and figuring out what it looks like."

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