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Perspectives on Translating Data into Powerful Stories

Posted by Matt Breese on Aug 1, 2017

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Mark Twain popularized the saying, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” We often think that including numbers in a presentation will engage our audience – isn’t the data evidence enough to make our audience take note and pay attention?

No. Most sales and marketing teams armed with a wealth of data struggle to deliver meaning in a context that’s relevant.

Translating Raw Data Into Meaningful Stories

Chances are you have plenty of market access data to work with. Rather than arming the market-facing teams with raw statistics, bring data to life through storytelling. Stories give data context and make both the story and the story-teller relatable and memorable. The key to any story is context – so always make stories relevant to specific prescribers. Generic stories feel hollow or stale.

Step 1: Start with the Data

Crafting a story isn’t always easy. Start by finding the right solutions that converts raw data into summary-level information. These steps will help you:

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Step 2: Share Stories

Princeton researchers found that humans are literally wired to recall stories. Make stories memorable, relevant, and humanized to connect with your audience. Build a collection of stories by engaging with field teams and creating “feedback loops” that help to share prescriber/patient stories. Check out these steps to get started:

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Step 3: Invest in Training

Field teams can be trained to deliver data through stories. The key is to make stories and data actionable and have a conclusion. To learn more about this process, Download MMIT's Playbook: Translating Data Into Powerful Stories.

Understanding the power of stories and that humans have a unique ability to recall stories, makes a storytelling a sales and marketing team’s best competitive weapon. As a brand leader, leverage the power of storytelling to drastically improve your brand’s success. Powerful brand teams know that words tell and stories sell.

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