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Perspectives on Sales Messaging (Pt. 2)

Posted by Matt Breese on Sep 16, 2016

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Earlier this week, we discussed the criteria a pharma sales rep (PSR) should consider integrating into their sales tactics.  Today, we continue that discussion.

PSRs should adopt a multi-channel approach.

With each passing day, the world becomes more digitized. Healthcare providers, who initially balked at early implementation of an electronic health record (EHR), now rely on EHRs and other digital platforms for much of their clinical and professional communication. Today, a multi-channel approach that integrates a variety of methods of communication to distribute value-based information must include mobile apps, secure communication networks, co-browsing web content and secure document sharing. Incorporating new tools that leverage technology is an important antidote to the closed-door syndrome facing many PSRs.

Choosing the right message for the right audience.

Messaging falls into three categories:

  • Compelling
  • Take-it-or-leave-it
  • Forgettable

Choosing the right message that is memorable and instills in the message recipient a sense of gratitude for receiving it should be high on the list of strategies for every PSR. There is very little time for fluff in today’s message-overloaded environment. In addition to un-spun information about medication research and expected outcomes, providers want to know what value a PSR can bring to their practices. Patients want to hear how the medication will help them, what to expect when they take it and how they are going to pay for it. It’s really a nuts-and-bolts approach to messaging that can make a PSR an integral member of the healthcare team, while also building a strong brand relationship.

Nearly half of all providers have a mechanism to control PSR person-to-person access.

“While it’s discouraging that doctors may not meet as often with pharma reps, most physicians still view these reps as valuable sources of information,” says Pratap Khedkar, principal and leader of ZS Associate’s pharma practice.

Up against the odds.

A PSR’s job does not have to be a mission impossible. Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to:

  • Build a knowledge base about your audience
  • Create a succinct, value-based, high-quality message
  • Choose the most effective communication tools
  • Find the right balance between face-to-face and push/pull strategies
  • Deliver the message with confidence

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