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Perspectives on Prescriber Targeting

Posted by Matt Breese on Oct 25, 2016

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As a pharmaceutical sales and marketing professional, the more focused and succinct you can be with messaging and promotion, the better. Communicating with prescribers requires a deep understanding of who they are. Marketers must demonstrate an understanding of a prescriber’s average patient situations and past prescribing behaviors.

Decreasing Physician Access

Many physicians are limiting the number of pharma reps allowed to visit them. According to ZS Pharma, “47% of physicians were considered accessible in 2015, compared to 65% in 2012.” Traditionally, the engagement between pharma reps and clinicians was entirely centered on visits to the office to drop off samples and literature. While this method is still important, other channels for physician engagement are emerging.

New Promotional Channels

Digital communication is becoming an increasingly important opportunity for advertisers to reach clinicians. In fact, “Study data shows that pharma companies have sent nearly 50% more digital messages—including emails and mobile alerts—than the number of personal face-to-face calls they have attempted,” according to eHealthcareSolutions.

In addition, pharma marketers are turning to channels not previously used such as programmatic advertising targeting HCPs. This method allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly on medical media sites. Compared to traditional advertising channels, programmatic marketing is more effective and reduces costs, reports eHealthcareSolutions.

Prescriber Targeting Goals

Pharma marketers can use data to target the top quintiles of prescribers with outreach efforts. Understanding the prescriber’s patient population as well as their past prescribing behavior and the required personnel support is critical. 

Pharmaceutical marketing professionals employ prescriber targeting strategies to:

  • Identify the best customers for marketing
  • Focus on increasing adoption
  • Maximize the ROI from marketing and sales

Customized Marketing Messages

Pharma companies can improve their marketing efforts by connecting with physicians on a personal level. Pharma Exec provides expert advice to help pharma companies see problems through the eyes of physicians. Marketers should consider what type of content doctors want to receive, which digital channels they use, and how often they are available. By customizing their messaging strategy to fit individual physician preferences, marketers create stronger connections. 

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