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Perspectives on Payer Market Events

Posted by Matt Breese on Aug 8, 2017

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The healthcare environment is ever-changingBeing able to understand the drivers and predictions around major payer market events is only one component of market access. Pharma brands may also need to adjust their marketing approach based on market events.

Having an educational framework in place for field sales teams can help these individuals prepare for HCP engagements. With a solid understanding of the environment and clear messaging guidelines, pharma reps are more equipped to address market changes. Timely promotional assets can be used to ensure your brand team remains credible.

MMIT has developed a detailed strategy for synthesizing payer events to prescribers.

Step 1: Identify Market Event Triggers

To communicate effectively, field sales teams must understand how brand strategies shift based on each market event category. It is also important to know the prescriber perspective for changes in their patients’ coverage. These steps will help you:

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Step 2: Utilize the Right Promotional Materials 

Once you have a framework in place, the right promotional solution will help ensure timeliness and consistency between your field team messaging and the relevant promotional assets presented to physicians. Pharma field teams must be prepared for possible HCP objections and have the knowledge and skills to address them. Here's one strategy for selecting promotional assets, developed by MMIT:

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Step 3: Develop a Common Vocabulary

After selecting promotional assets, outline a common language to communicate obstacles for prescribing drugs in your area. To learn more about this process, Download MMIT's Playbook: Payer Event Synthesis to Prescribers.

MMIT’s market access data can be used as a sound basis for understanding field force needs at a granular level. Pharma organizations use this information to find gaps they need to fill to ensure prescribers understand access.

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