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Perspectives on Patient Support Programs

Posted by Matt Breese on Jul 25, 2017

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Regulatory changes in the healthcare industry and consumer preferences are putting more pressure on pharmaceutical companies to show the value of their products. According to Guaurav N. Brahmbhatt, Head of Pharma Business at Health Care at Home India, pharma companies can increase their value offerings by creating patient support programs that are "innovative, complementary, collaborative, and patient-centric." 

Similar to your brand’s contracting strategy, patient assistance programs can have an enormous impact on the time-to-treatment for prescribers and patients. Your ability to establish a patient assistance program strategy, especially when there are barriers to prescribing, and deploy predictive analysis around how this program will impact revenue is essential.

Establish Predictive Analysis Around the Impact of Patient Assistance Programs

When developing patient support programs, it's important to identify historical trends in your disease area. These trends can show you what impact competitive patient support programs have made.

Here's a strategy, developed by MMIT for predicting the potential outcomes of your patient support program:

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Inform Prescribers Where Relevant Patient Support Programs Exist

Once you have a model in place, field sales teams can prepare to meet with clinicians. Reps should inform prescribers where patient support programs exist. Field teams must understand where your brand may have unfavorable access and be equipped to overcome common objections.

Here's one strategy, developed by MMIT for preparing field teams for physician engagements:

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MMIT's team of experts keep a close watch on pharmaceutical industry trends to curate the best practices. To learn more about this topic, download MMIT’s Playbook: Patient Support Programs

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