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Perspectives on Optimizing Your "Superfans"

Posted by Matt Breese on Jul 18, 2017

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When it comes to your brand’s digital footprint, being able to leverage your biggest supporting patients, prescribers and other advocates can drastically help you to amplify your message and establish more brand loyalty. As a pharma company, your treatment delivers tremendous value to patients.  Specifically, in rare disease areas such as hemophilia, patients often develop a strong brand loyalty.

In such a highly regulated industry, maintaining a human connection can separate you from the competition and improve your market share trajectory over time. 

Who Are Your "Superfans?"

Finding your biggest fans may be easier than you think. AdWeek defines "superfans" as individuals who engage with your company on a regular basis:

"Those heavy brand users who sign up for newsletters, follow the brand on social media, buy from their favorite brands and happily spread the word about products and services, both on social platforms and through referrals to friends."

Implement Social Monitoring Programs

Once you've identified your supporters, listen to their feedback. Monitoring your community-based channels, like social media, is an excellent way to get a sense of the common perspectives on brands in your disease area.

Here's one strategy, developed by MMIT for tracking brand sentiment online:

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When adopting a social monitoring program, be sure to keep your system streamlined and easy-to-use. A cumbersome process will discourage employees from checking in regularly.

Deliver Relatable Brand Messaging

After you have a process in place, it's time to develop your core messages. At this stage, start with the minimum viable amount of information that you need to communicate. This approach will help you to eliminate the noise from your current process.

Here's one strategy, developed by MMIT for communicating your core brand message:

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MMIT's team of experts keep a close watch on pharmaceutical industry trends to curate the best practices. To learn more marketing strategies, download MMIT’s Playbook: Optimize Brand “Superfans."

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