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Perspectives on Marketing to Millennials

Posted by Matt Breese on Dec 12, 2017

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Many younger millennials have never had their own health insurance coverage and don’t understand how health insurance works. Carriers must explain how their plans work and emphasize values beyond medical services to get millennials to enroll in health plans and stay enrolled.
For example, nutrition programs such as BlueShield's HealthyLife Rewards emphasize and reward their subscribers for healthy eating habits. 
How can health insurance providers attract and retain millennials? Here are seven strategies outlined by AIS Health:
  1. Explain what their premium dollar buys
  2. Offer something outside of the deductible
  3. Ensure provider networks highlight retail clinics and urgent care
  4. Get onboard the social media train
  5. Keep surprises to a minimum
  6. Focus on experience rather than ownership
  7. Make sure shoppers understand the impact subsidies can have on premiums

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