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Perspectives on Digital Disruption

Posted by Matt Breese on Nov 28, 2017

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Digital tools are transforming pharma's approach to market access. As the digital landscape evolves, pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committees are embracing digital sources to make informed decisions about formulary placements.

Today, P&T members regularly rely on digital resources throughout the formulary decision-making process. 

According to Randy Vogenberg's publication, The Changing Roles of P&T Committees, the responsibilities of P&T members include:

  • Evaluating the clinical use of medications
  • Developing guidelines for managing access to these medications to ensure safe drug use and administration
  • Using clinical effectiveness data and cost information to compare therapies

In his piece, The Changing Roles of P&T Committees, Randy states: 

"It is more important than ever for P&T committees to use this [clinical effectiveness] data as they make decisions for a larger volume of patients who have been incorporated into larger health systems. For example, not only does a health system have to consider medications that patients need while in the hospital, it must also consider drugs that its patients will need at home to sustain positive health outcomes and avoid readmission."

How are P&T committees staying up-to-date with all this data? According to a survey conducted by DRG Digital, this group is interested in viewing interactive content, reading pharma websites, and attending pharma-sponsored conferences online.

To learn more about how digital tools are transforming pharma, check out this infographic created by DRG Digital.

Digital Tools Are Transforming Pharma's Approach to Market Access | DRG Digital

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