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Perspectives on Consistent Physical & Digital Assets

Posted by Matt Breese on Aug 15, 2017

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Every promotional message from your brand needs to be consistent, accurate and relevant. If even one message to a prescriber doesn’t meet all three of these criteria, you risk losing valuable scripts in your disease landscape.

Ensuring that all of your promotional assets align with an omnichannel marketing strategy is critical to the success of your programs. Specifically, marketers must deliver unity across both physical and digital assets. 

According to Jim Ruiz, Senior Director of Relationship Marketing at Intouch Solutions, pharma marketers must meet changing HCP expectations:

"For pharmaceutical companies to serve their HCP customers in relevant, meaningful ways that build direct relationships based on a real value exchange, they need to employ omnichannel marketing, which is fast becoming the standard for providing the most impactful customer experiences across many industries. "

MMIT has developed a detailed strategy for improving brand consistency across a variety of marketing channels. 

Step 1: Select the Right Tools and Sources

To begin, marketers must understand the current landscape as it exists today as well as the drivers of payer coverage. Ensure your resources validate what the prescriber is hearing. These steps will help you:

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Step 2: Communicate Timely Information

Next, develop an integration framework that highlights timely information. Coordinate with your legal team to simplify the stakeholders required to monitor, identify and approve of formulary changes. Here's one strategy developed by MMIT:

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Step 3: Eliminate the Noise

When evaluating your messaging strategy, start with the minimum viable amount of information required to communicate a coverage win to the market. Remove the noise from your current approval process based on the channel of communication.

To learn more about this process, Download MMIT's Playbook: Consistent Physical & Digital Assets.

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