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Numbers that Matter in Specialty Drug Pipelines

Posted by Matt Breese on Oct 9, 2015

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A surge in healthcare influencers translates to more relevant and engaging content. In order to provide clarity into the constant influx of new information, MMIT's Numbers that Matter series calls out key pieces of content that provide insight into major healthcare trends. This week, we take a look at specialty drug pipelines.

Via PhRMA. New medicines in development for Diabetes presented by America's Biopharmaceutical Research Companies.

Via Kantar Health. Immunotherapy continues to be a growing category in oncology treatment, and treatments are being tested in all major tumor types.

Via IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations). Maintaining the vaccines innovative edge.

Via GEN (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News). There are currently 20 candidate products in the pipeline to treat Hepatitis C.

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