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Numbers that Matter in Patient Engagement

Posted by Matt Breese on Nov 6, 2015

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A collection of engaging infographics and articles from healthcare influencers to highlight patient engagement trends:

21% of patients trust pharma-sponsored social media

An increasing percentage of patients manage their healthcare digitally. However, with so much information online, consumers carefully curate the content they are willing to engage.

Via HIT Consultant


45 minutes on average for patient engagement in the waiting room

Well-connected physicians are making the most out of the increasing waiting room times. Successful HCPs give purpose to the wait time through better digital consultation tools and personalized education.

Via Media Post


65% of patients believe that healthcare services should be improved

A growing number of patients believe that the quality of service provided is declining. Perceptions vary by demographic, with older patients feeling that their concerns are not properly heard.

Via The Patient Outcomes Blog from DHP Research


4 key elements that patients seek in primary care

Many patients make decisions based on a high-level set of criteria: provider communication, self-management support, 24/7 access to care and whole-person care. Patients demand more integrated care from providers and pharmacists.

Via Pharmacy Times


21 million US patients’ health records exposed in data breaches

Patient data now exists predominantly in the digital world. Many healthcare organizations lack the proper data security and protocols, causing concern from the consumer perspective.

Via Healthcare Intelligence Network from Experian and HIMSS


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