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Numbers that Matter in Healthcare Marketing

Posted by Matt Breese on Sep 25, 2015

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A collection of interesting articles that highlight some recent trends in healthcare marketing:         

4 social media strategies for healthcare

From “Four Simple Ways to Fix Healthcare Social Now” via Digitas Health

“Getting mired in the complexities of social media is becoming something of a sport in healthcare. There’s all the FDA guidance and understanding what medical/regulatory teams do and don’t know. For some teams, the prospect of effectively taking a brand to social is nothing short of an existential crisis.”

3 tips on influencer marketing

From Influencer marketing tips from “The Lego Movie” via iMedia Connection

This case study emphasizes how important it is to integrate “a compelling, human narrative with a brand and product message… To create great branded content with a creative partner, be it an influencer or movie studio, clearly communicate your brand essence.”

9 lessons for providers based on engagement

From What can providers learn from physician sales, engagement in specialty pharmacy? via Healthcare Marketing Matters

“Specialty pharmacy with a physician is transactional in nature, and many a specialty pharmacy utilize a Huitwaite SPIN based approach. This approach is highly applicable to selling to physicians in the provider network as well.”

72% of people use digital channels for health information

From Tech-Savvy Consumers Push Hospitals to Launch Digital Marketing Campaigns via MMM (Medical Marketing Media)

“In this healthcare landscape, technology is playing a significant role in changing how consumers seek medical care, which means hospitals need to rethink how they have engaged, are engaging and will engage with past, current and future patients.”

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