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Formulary Search Update: December 2015

Posted by Stu Allen on Dec 21, 2015


MMIT is committed to regularly enhancing its products – both our data and our software. A new update for MMIT's free Formulary Search application is now available for iPhone and iPad users.

Stay Connected with Industry Insights: Our most recent Formulary Search enhancement allows users to easily view market access news and related perspectives from payer, pharma and provider through MMIT's Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog pages. You will see these links at the top right of the screen on both iPhones and iPads.

A More Personalized Experience: The other addition for iPad users will be the "Login" button at the top right. Learn more about how manufacturer clients can access a more customized paid-version of Formulary Search to enable more targeted HCP interactions.

The healthcare network leverages Formulary Search to find formulary drug status and restriction information easily and on the go. The app enables HCPs to quickly understand coverage, statuses and restrictions as well as support more informed finance-related prescribing decisions. Pharmaceutical sales reps utilize the app to monitor market access changes and understand regional competitive dynamics for products. 


MMIT ensures consistent, informed managed care decisions across the healthcare spectrum from P&T to point of care. To get more information or assistance with the change, contact MMIT support at


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