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Formulary Search Update: December 2016

Posted by Stu Allen on Dec 16, 2016

MMIT is committed to regularly enhancing its products – both our data and our software. A new update for MMIT's free Formulary Search application is now available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users.  These updates are also available on the web @

Understand Detailed Restriction Criteria: MMIT is working with a handful of Payers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to make product-relevant restriction information available directly within the app.   Each plan, where applicable, will now show blue PA, ST, QL and Other links that lead to corresponding restriction criteria needed for prescription approval. 

Restriction Detail.png

Search by Form of a Product:  A common request we’ve received via Formulary Search’s Feedback mechanism is to be able to search for products by the various forms in which they are available.  To accommodate this, in Product Search we’ve added a Brand/Form toggle that will allow users to search at either the Brand or Form level when selecting an anchor product.

Strength Level Detail:  In addition to varying coverage by products forms, there are cases where products can be covered differently based on strength.  For instances where these coverage differences exist we’ve added rows under the plan in question to call out coverage at a strength level.  If all strengths and forms of a product are covered the same way, then single row for coverage will continue to display as it always has. 

Coverage Variance (version 2).png

We are excited to announce these updates and look forward to further improving the platform based on continued user feedback.  To provide feedback on enhancements you’d like to see made in the app, or if you have any questions, click on the Feedback icon located within Formulary Search. 

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