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Formulary Search 2.5 Years In

Posted by Stu Allen on Sep 12, 2016


With the Formulary Search (Android, Apple, Web) app turning 2 ½ I thought I’d take a minute to recap progress made in the tool over its relatively young lifespan as well as provide some insight into what the evolution of the tool has taught MMIT over that same time period.

The beginning of the year brings a new batch of users.  Over the first 6 months or so of Formulary Search being publicly available we saw a steady influx in the number of app downloads.  It wasn’t until the start of 2015, however, that the app’s usage really took off.  More folks downloaded and used the app in the first 2 months of 2015 than the entirety of 2014. From there, growth steadily climbed throughout the year.  With the start of 2016 we saw another bump in app usage that has carried throughout the year to date.  As we move into 2017 it will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

Pharma reps want something simple and to the point.  While MMIT’s Analytics platform is geared towards a market access power user, and FormTrak streamlines the life of a brand marketer, we’ve found that Formulary Search threads the needle by providing a lot of information in an easy to consume format.  This combination allows reps to consume and communicate coverage information to physicians without overwhelming their audience.  This demand ultimately led to the creation of the Login feature that we now offer to our non-HCP user community.  The balance between providing comprehensive and detailed data but maintaining app simplicity is always at the forefront of our minds as we develop enhancements for the platform.


Health Care Providers (HCPs) share the same needs as reps, plus more.  The Feedback functionality available in the app serves as a great way for our user community to interact with us and provide insight into what features folks would like to see added.  While we’ve only started to scratch the surface of very specific HCP use-cases, some of our early findings show that doctors using the app are interested in: copay averages, plan-specific preferred alternatives and insight into restriction detail (prior authorization requirements,  step therapies, quantity limits, etc.), to name a few.  Over the course of the next 12 months look for updates to Formulary Search that expand on these initiatives and provide more value to all users of the app.

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