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Formulary Navigator Highlights 2015

Posted by Jim Mabee on Apr 11, 2016


Formulary NavigatorTM is a web-based system that provides flexible formulary management and publishing solutions to keep health plans and PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers) ahead of ever-changing guidelines.

2015 was a transformative year for Formulary NavigatorTM, bringing numerous enhancements and new value-add features to its customers.  Here are some of the highlights of the new features that were delivered to Formulary NavigatorTM clients in 2015.

Maintaining Compliance for Medicare and Health Exchange

  • 2016 Medicare Support – Added support for CMS Medicare 2016 guidelines and compliance.
  • Machine Readable JSON Support for HIX – Added support for HIX JSON guidelines, compliance and machine readable file hosting.

Streamlining the Formulary Workflow

  • NDC Level Drug Support – Added full support of formulary management of drugs at the NDC level or drug level.
  • Formulary Management Enhancements – Add several enhancements for managing formularies, updating coverage and viewing formulary details.
  • Multi-Language Support – Additional enhancements to support multiple languages for document output.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities – Added several new reports and enhanced existing report for data review and analysis.

Enhanced Formulary Publishing

  • Document Output in Word Format – Added support to output documents in MS Word format.
  • Document Output Templates – Added several new document output templates.

MMIT ensures consistent, informed managed care decisions across the healthcare spectrum from P&T to point of care. To get more information or assistance with these updates, contact MMIT support at

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