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Formulary Lookup Update: February 2016

Posted by Stu Allen on Feb 22, 2016


At MMIT, we are committed to regularly enhancing our products – both our data and our software. A new update to MMIT's free Formulary Lookup application is now available at

Stay Consistent Across Devices: The drug formulary data displayed on the Formulary Lookup site has always been consistent with the information in our other applications, like Formulary Search. However, the new update creates a much more intuitive look-and-feel that maps into our mobile app. Elements such as the filters, search functionality, graphs and the formulary data grid are now homogeneous across the platforms.

Regional Data: The Formulary Lookup site now features more granular geographical information that gets you deeper than the state-level. If enabled, the tool will leverage your location to populate the formulary drug information that is relevant to you, with the ability to easily switch to other areas.

Covered Alternatives: Similar to Formulary Search, the site now displays covered alternatives information for each product. These break down to generic and branded alternatives that provide the widest range of potential alternative treatments that are covered based on your filters.

Controller-Based Plan Roll-up: We reorganized the way that plans are displayed. Health plans are now grouped based on the organization who is controlling the decision around how drugs are covered so that you more easily see payer and PBM relationships.

Summary Coverage Statement and Chart: Each time you search for a new product or filter down to a specific geography or set of plans, the dynamic coverage statement and chart will display the appropriate information, just like Formulary Search.



MMIT ensures consistent, informed managed care decisions across the healthcare spectrum from P&T to point of care. To get more information or assistance with the change, contact MMIT support at

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