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Fast and Furious: Keeping up with Hemophilia

Posted by Wade Carter on Apr 15, 2016

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Leading up to World Hemophilia Day, I wanted to reflect a bit on all the activity there has been in the Hemophilia space over the past year. It is really exciting to see the flurry of new therapies emerging. Notably, the six approvals and/or launches of new products for Hemophilia A, B or vWD in the last year represents the same amount as the combined total for the 5-years prior.


These new products are not just “me too” products, but push hard on innovation as well. Many of the new therapies fit within the “higher half-life” category, reducing the number of times the patient needs to administer the product in a given week or month for prophylactic treatment. 

From a market perspective, the companies producing these new products dominate the news as well. The plans for Shire to buy a leader in the hemophilia space, Baxalta, still remain active even after the administrations changes for inversion announcement. In addition, talks of Biogen, who has products for Hemophilia A and B, divesting their hemophilia franchise buzzes around the media.

This is the kind of stuff that gets us going here at MMIT. We will be keeping a close eye on what these new products and company movements mean to the market access landscape. Will these shifts and entries cause a more heavily managed therapeutic area by payers and PBMs, in what has been a very parity market historically? We have already seen some payers adding reimbursement restrictions, like steps through shorter-half-life therapies, for the higher half-life products. We will see if this is an anomaly or others start to follow suit.

Stayed tuned and try to keep up!

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