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5 Things to Consider When Launching a New Drug: MMIT Meet the Expert webinar recap on Predicting Payer Uptake with Precision

Posted by MMIT on Apr 15, 2021

On April 6, MMIT kicked off a six-part Meet the Expert webinar series. The first session was focused on predicting payer uptake with precision. For example, many pharma manufacturers use analogs to predict payer uptake of a new drug being launched into the market. Tracking how an analog drug performed can help drug manufacturers improve messaging to payers, identify coverage challenges, and accurately predict payer uptake.

But choosing the right analogs can be challenging, said MMIT’s Carolyn Zele and Ritupriya Yamujala. Suppose the manufacturer’s drug is the first oral oncolytic for a particular tumor type. What criteria should the manufacturer consider in selecting an analog for comparison:

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Formulary Search Rebrand Enhances the Big Picture, Adds Medical Benefit View

Posted by MMIT on Jun 13, 2019

MMIT on July 1 will rebrand Formulary Search as Coverage Search, a move that reflects the full portfolio of our capabilities, as well as the complex variances between pharmacy and medical benefit coverage, and the industry's shift toward increasingly restrictive coverage policies. You will be able to add a comprehensive new package on medical benefit coverage and policies, creating a more complete picture of the entire market access landscape.

New Medical Benefit View: "Previously, clients would think Formulary Search means formularies, so it means pharmacy benefit products only. But now we can help brands create a more complex strategy so that they can speak to coverage across benefit types," says Greg Lee, a product manager at MMIT. "This is a really important thing for our clients, because the way insurance companies are covering products — particularly physician-injected drugs, IV drugs and hospital-administered drugs — is changing, and insurance companies are getting more complex in how they create utilization management techniques on both benefits."
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