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5 Things to Consider When Launching a New Drug: MMIT Meet the Expert webinar recap on Predicting Payer Uptake with Precision

Posted by MMIT on Apr 15, 2021


On April 6, MMIT kicked off a six-part Meet the Expert webinar series. The first session was focused on predicting payer uptake with precision. For example, many pharma manufacturers use analogs to predict payer uptake of a new drug being launched into the market. Tracking how an analog drug performed can help drug manufacturers improve messaging to payers, identify coverage challenges, and accurately predict payer uptake.

But choosing the right analogs can be challenging, said MMIT’s Carolyn Zele and Ritupriya Yamujala. Suppose the manufacturer’s drug is the first oral oncolytic for a particular tumor type. What criteria should the manufacturer consider in selecting an analog for comparison:

(1) Launch order. Where does the new drug fit into the market? Were there other drugs recently launched or will it be among the first? How many drugs have already been discussed by the payer’s Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee in this class? For example, if the new therapy is the first launch in that category in a long time, the manufacturer should choose an analog that was also launched into a stable market.

(2) Clinical data. For a novel drug that had breakthrough therapy designation, it can be hard to find a drug with significantly similar clinical data. But you can look for an analog drug that is also novel and breakthrough and thus posed similar coverage considerations for a payer’s Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee meeting.

(3) Pricing. How does the price of the new drug compare to the prices of the drugs already available? Is it going up against any rebate contracting? The manufacturer should select analogs that launched with a similar price differential or similar contracting availability.

(4) Physician preference or bias. Since this drug is the first oral in the market for a particular tumor type, the manufacturer may encounter physicians who are skeptical that an oral will work as well as the infused products and should find an analog that faced similar challenges.

(5) Market Share. What is the patient population taking today and is it working? Is the payer currently getting a rebate and what are the terms? Does the current rebate require preference? Is it based on clinical outcomes? If the payer decided to cover this drug, what would it mean for any current rebate agreements?

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